Vote Climate Vote Solar

My contesting the seat of Gippsland East in the Victorian State Election as a ‘climate emergency’ independent failed to gather many votes. However in terms of publicity the campaign was quite successful.  All my press releases can be read on Gippsland News and Views. An outline of some of my policies, a report on the election and recent speeches can be read on Global Warming Politics.

I have been aware of the global warming problem for many years and have been a supporter of alternative energy for even longer.

Since 1982 my owner built house was powered first by wind, then by wind and solar, and finally by solar alone. In the late 1990s I wrote several opinion pieces on the threat of global warming in a net column entitled “Mountain Echoes”.  From the commencement of the Iraq war I was preoccupied with producing a monthly anti-war newsletter called the “Irregular Gippsland Peace News” which ran for more than 50 issues.

The record breaking Arctic summer ice minimum in 2007 directed my attention back to global warming – the greatest challenge mankind has faced. The warming is occurring at a faster rate than predicted – along the lines of business as usual with the planet facing worst case scenarios. We appear to be in a climate emergency that few in the population, and even far fewer politicians, recognise. There is a huge gap between the science and the politics that is reinforced by the negative tactics of the fossil fuel lobby. The popular media seem at best uninterested, and at worst, hostile.

I decided to contest every available parliamentary election at all levels of government as an independent on a “climate emergency” platform. So far I have contested local government elections in 2008 and 2012, and the Federal election in 2013. I also contested the 2010 State Election in the seat of Morwell offering a policy of developing geothermal energy under the coal.  I hope that this website makes a contribution towards changing public and political opinion on the issue of climate change  for the benefit of current and future generations.

Peter Gardner