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I have decided to run again for local council in the October Election. The campaign will be low key run mainly on the social media and by word of mouth. I will be adding electoral material to this page over the next month.

Media Release : Six East Gippsland Candidates Sign the Science Pledge

Science Pledge
I have signed a science pledge, which requires me, if elected, to vote according to the best evidence available, based on science and knowledge. I hope to circulate the pledge to other candidates in East Gippsland and encourage them to sign it. Download the full science-pledge here. The text is from The War on Science by Shawn Otto (p.407) with a copy held in the EGS Library.

The Science Pledge has also been signed by the following candidates (in no particular order)

Jes John of Bruthen
Deb Foskey of Bonang
Jackson Roberts of Bairnsdale
Jeremy Schroder of Paynesville
Catherine Pirrie of Mallacoota

As a local government candidate I am a Signatory to the Climate Emergency Declaration Petition.
                                                                                                                                                Candidate Statement

My priorities are to have Community Renewable Energy Projects (CREPs) across East Gippsland and making shire finances sustainable. I want CREPs to boom especially in small towns and remote locations, and for the Shire to work towards 100% renewable energy in 10 years. Financial reorganisation should be a key part of CREPs and fine tuned to the region’s benefit, including boosting local employment, investments and sourcing finance, supplies and contractors locally. The aim is to rejuvenate the district – especially small towns – by boosting regional employment and community and farm incomes. If elected I will also work for open and transparent government. I will vote against any rate increase. I urge voters to preference those who will support these projects. I have lived and worked in small Gippsland communities (Ensay and Swifts Creek) most of my life. I am now retired to Bairnsdale. I have stood previously for Council on a Vote Climate Vote Solar platform. My previous campaigns and more details of this one can be found here.  I am a member or supporter of the EGHS, Landcare, U3A, CFA, Gasfield Free Bairnsdale, Friends of the Library and the Renewable Energy Party (see below).


Renewable Energy  Party National Party Policy Platform here

My (failed) TV advert  Available for distribution and sharing here

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