Bairnsdale Divestment Protest at 10am Friday 10 July

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Do you have an account in the National, Westpac, ANZ or Commonwealth Banks in Bairnsdale? Are you aware that all these banks are active in supporting coal and other fossil fuel developments around Australia? Burning coal has been identified as the major human contribution to the increasing Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere and thus of climate change. By banking with them you are supporting these developments. 

The answer is to change banks in what is currently called the divestment movement. The divestment movement is educating people about the relationship between their personal finances (both banking and superannuation) and climate change. By diverting your accounts you are helping persuade the banks to change their loan strategies. As well you no longer personally contribute to them. Have you a credit card to cut up or an account to close? Please support the divestment movement in Bairnsdale by meeting at the Rotunda at 10am on 10 July.

For further information contact organiser Harry Barton at or on 0425325835