Gippsland 2020 Stratford Community Energy Promo! 3.1.16

Segue 2020

Have you ever thought how it might be to be free from electricity price hikes, power slumps and surges, and blackouts? Have you thought how it might be to have you and your own community control local power generation through clean and sustainable technologies? Small communities across Gippsland, Victoria and Australia are doing just that through participating in joint projects for renewable technologies, therefore enabling stronger community cohesion and creating energy. Based on the number of panels installed in solar power alone, Gippsland participants have saved themselves over $4 million in power bills (Australian Government data) and created hundreds of jobs.

Community energy offers small towns the opportunity to generate their own power through individuals, community and business groups, and local government uniting. Together you can invest in the purchase and installation of technologies like solar panels and wind turbines, and sell the power on to return the investment to your community.

An example of such a community is SUSTAINABLE SEGUE, your Stratford Community House, showing that all this is possible in three easy steps:

1.         IF YOU SWITCH to Powershop using the link, by ringing the Powershop’s main number 1800462668 or ringing Peter Brownstein on (03)83702147 and mention you are supporting Gippsland 2020, they will help fund your community’s solar power and hot water from heat pumps.

2.         IF YOU UPGRADE your electric or gas hot water with a heat pump through NRGWise they will give you a 5% discount, plus donate a further 5% to the Segue project. In addition, Laser Plumbing will donate $50 per customer to the Segue’s project.

3.         IF YOU BUY solar panels from NRGWise or Gippsland Solar, they will donate 5% to the Segue project.

The power is in your hands. Help yourself save money and help your community through Segue. For further information please contact Beth Ripper 0427 456 094. For information on solar installation and hot water upgrades through NRGWise, please call Rod Horton 0421 820 411.