Segue to Solar: Gippsland 2020 Media Release

Segue 2020

Segue Community Hub and Arts Café in Stratford, plans to go solar…with a little help from its friends.

“We need our community to help by switching their energy to a provider that maximises support for renewably sourced power” said an enthusiastic Beth Ripper. “There is a company which will give a donation of $80 each time a Stratford local, swaps to them. This funding stream will then be used to install solar panels on the roof, which will provide hot water, and electricity to the cafe and the adjoining theatre”.

Segue Community Hub chairperson Beth Ripper commented “This is a win-win situation. Not only do users of the hub benefit but so do community members who want the cheapest possible power bills. Stratford can be a leader in this type of scheme. All it takes is commitment from our people to support this initiative by voting with their feet” she added.

The nuts and bolts of the arrangement are all explained if you go to the Gippsland 2020 website. “Anyone who uses power in Victoria or New South Wales can help Segue by switching power supplier via the website – so far flung family members can even help our Stratford Community Hub! This could be a birthday or Christmas present to our community that keeps on giving!” Once the Segue target is met and the panels are installed, the Segue community committee intends offering this fundraising option to other community facilities in the town.

2015 was the hottest year on record, word wide, with Australia also experiencing a record breaking Spring and early Summer. Not only are there vast areas drought declared, but also major bushfires already, and now floods. “All of this is made worse, by people around the world, pouring pollution into the atmosphere. However, we can all help to try and keep the temperature to liveable levels” explained Peter Gardner, Historian and Climate activist. “Signing up for power which does not depend on burning fossil fuels, is one step that every-one can take. It is also an investment in the future health and well-being of our grandchildren” he concluded.

Look up You will not only find information about swapping power providers, but also contact details for installing solar on your roof, and follow on Facebook : or Twitter: for comments on sustainability, and a host of other issues. For comment Beth Ripper: 0427456094