Bass Candidate Climate Statement & Narracan Forum Notes

We Must Demand Urgent Action on Climate Change

(Media Release from Clare Le Serve Independent candidate in Bass)

Today Independent Candidate Clare Le Serve called for urgent action on climate change. “The Independent Panel on Climate Change (recent report) is alarming. I care about my children and grandchildren and I want strong urgent action to ensure they have a sustainable future,” she said.

“The way the Canberra politicians dismissed the IPCC report is irresponsible. The Wentworth result tells us that the community is concerned, and that the community is demanding a strong focus on renewable energy and other low emission projects.

“Coal is dying, we need to rapidly move on. The new big batteries being installed are capable of stabilising the grid and we need to invest in the future not live in the past,” she said.

“However, it seems the Victorian Liberals are just as committed to the coal as their Canberra mates. Matthew Guy’s pledge to ‘scrap’ the Victorian Renewable Energy Target if elected is unbelievable. It shows he is out of touch, this would kill off new investment in renewables an area that will generate far more jobs in the longer term.

“His statement that he “will not allow our coal resources to be wasted, I will not allow such economic advantages to Victoria to be kept in the ground for the sake of ideology” shows how out of date and risky he is. The Liberal Candidate for Morwell Dale Harriman is reported to be actively encouraging the construction of a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley.

“I support the rooftop solar and battery initiatives of the Victorian Government (as) this is the way to go. My difference is I want to see more. But I haven’t seen a single announcement on renewable projects from the Liberals other than their attack on the ALP plan and a half-baked plan to approve onshore gas projects.

“We need urgent action to achieve a clean energy future, Mr Guy’s comments supporting coal causes me great concern,” Ms Le Serve said.

Brief Notes on Baw Baw Sustainability Forum Candidate’s Forum (Mal McKelvie)

We had an audience of 27 people with 7 candidates attending our election forum on Thurs 25th at REstore in Yarragon. All candidates who had nominated at the time of organising were invited by mail and electronically to the addresses they had given to the VEC. The 7 who attended were Christine Maxfield (Labor), Reade Smith (Sustainable Australia), Rhonda Crooks (Derryn Hinch Justice Party), William Hornstra (Greens), Geoff Pain (Health Australia), Robert Danieli (Australian Country Party/ Give it Back), Michael Fozard (independent). Gary Blackwood tweeted afterward that he had not been invited but he had been – via his registered address in Melbourne. We really wanted him there and I tweeted a question to him with a note to say hope to see you on Thursday at the forum, a few days before.

My personal impressions of their (climate) responses were…Reade Smith (candidate in the Upper House) was impressive. He has had numerous jobs, is Al Gore trained on the climate reality project. He is very aware of the climate issues and is taking action personally and politically…Will Hornstra is young and is well across the climate and social issues that he is passionate about…Michael Fozard talked a bit about climate change but also his son’s involvement in the coal to hydrogen project. He seems to want a foot in both camps.