Scare Campaigns and the Federal Election

It’s a lay down misere that the incumbent coalition will resort to scare campaigns in the run up to the next election. They have already commenced doing so and serious campaigning is underway. The scare campaigns will probably revolve around immigration (Stop the Boats) averting an economic catastrophe and the threat of terrorism. With immigration there is not much difference between the policies of the main parties with that of Labor’s being slightly more humane. With regards economic management the recent record of Labor in handling the GFC earned it praise around the world. But with the terrorism threat the scare campaign is an obvious distortion of the truth.

The number of people killed by political terrorism in Australia over the last one hundred years can be counted on your fingers. As a comparison Melbourne climate commentator Dr Gideon Polya noted “Presently about 80,000 Australians die… each year in Australia from “life-style” and “political choice” causes (e.g. 15,500 pa from smoking, 10,000 pa from air pollution, 500 pa from heat stress) as compared to 0.2 pa from jihadi terrorism this century.” You have more chance of dying falling out of bed. Also of note is the 500 fatalities per annum due to heat stress – an extreme weather event heavily influenced by global warming.

Polya continued “However globally about 7.5 million people die avoidably (prematurely) each year due to the effects [of] carbon burning pollutants (7.0 million) (WHO) or to climate change (0.5 million).  This latter estimate of presently about 0.5 million climate change-related deaths may be an under-estimate… [with] impoverished, tropical or sub-tropical countries already being severely impacted by global warming.”

How many Gippsland fatalities have been caused by global warming? Whilst being unable to quantify this we can safely conclude that the deaths resulting from climate change this century in Gippsland alone far outnumber those that have resulted from terrorism across Australia ever. The climate influenced fatalities of the heatwave preceding Black Saturday and the bushfires are probably greater than the terrorism total on their own.

Obviously the real scare campaign should be about global warming which our governments for the last 6 years have denied, dismissed or ignored. They continue to do so with the aid of an extremely shallow and biased main stream media. Hopefully people will see through these fraudulent campaigns – the sooner the better. We must make this election the first of many climate elections.