East Gippsland Climate Action Network (EGCAN) meets

Stall at Paynesville Market

The second meeting of EGCAN (or the third if the Jane Morton lecture is counted) went off smoothly and was well supported with 17 attending and 4 apologies. The group now has two Facebook pages – an open one for the public and a closed page called ‘EGCAN What’s Next’ accessible only to group members. Some members held a market stall at Paynesville and a “number of t-shirts and bags have been screen printed with an experimental logo.”

On membership “It has been decided that anyone who agrees with our principles and values can join the group. That is we are: not for profit, not affiliated with any political party, accepts the science of human induced climate change” and that “We work under the following principles:  respectful listening, respectful behaviour, non-violent, inclusive, kind.”

East Gippsland Shire Sustainability Officer Bec Lamble spoke to the meeting at some length outlining what the shire has been doing on the renewable energy front including some encouraging news on electric vehicles and the continuing expansion of the rooftop solar program on Shire buildings including the Bairnsdale Library. Some discussion followed on whether we should ask the shire to declare a ‘climate emergency’.

There was discussion about a wide range of future activities of the group including participating with the ‘Extinction Rebellion’, support for any local striking students, various aspects of climate education and practical aspects such as banner making and letter writing. One idea that was popular was having “climate coffee mornings” of which the first will be held this week. Also the film ‘2040’ will be screening at the local cinema. Members and supporters are encouraged to attend at the Bairnsdale Cinema at 4.30pm on Saturday 8th. The film explores what the earth could be like if we address the climate emergency with the tools that are available now.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th June 7pm at the Butter Factory. Please note the change of venue.