Bushfire Diary 4(pm) – 7 January

Website views of blog on Tom Beer and the 1987 Monash Conference

4.1.20 My daughter OS stressing from huge media coverage of fires. Send her following response “Poor innocent Bunjie (our cat). Spent the night in the cage by the front door waiting for the message to evacuate. I slept on the couch fully clothed with supplies to hand (blanket, goggles, gloves, towel for cat cage etc.) Please note the bigger the news organisation the more mistakes they make… ABC and Vic Emergency the best sources but not up to date. I have no intention of staying to protect the flat in the worst case Bunjie and me will move to closest evacuation centre…My piece on Tom Beer of CSIRO (one of Barrie P’s contemporaries) has had nearly 4000 views over last week – for me going viral… As of now 160 fb shares! Also important to keep the fires and climate change in the news whilst the pollies are on holiday. Our PM has been copping a heap of sh*t the last few weeks and the leader of the opposition has finally mentioned the words ‘climate change’ in relation to the fires. The media are still a long way behind and the Murdoch media is harbouring climate criminals starting from the very top. If I had a choice between rescuing either Tony Abbott (or Rupert Murdoch) and a koala from the fires I wouldn’t hesitate. I’m sure you know who I would choose.” The SW change has arrived – time to shop, visit the library and catch up on a bit of sleep – but our reprieve now a problem for others. Hotspot indicates whole of south-east of Oz aflame. Emergency warnings everywhere.

5.1.20 First thing on social media clip showing army evacuation from Omeo Oval. A ground I played footy on a few times. Last night left front porch on. Must have been very tired. Few spots of rain hopefully will set in. The weather for the next week for Bairnsdale benign.

6.1.20 Showers and rain overnight. Viewing the great map work by Tom Fairman on twitter again. This time showing a series of maps of the Victorian Alps that have burned this century including some country that has been burned 3 times this century. He concluded: “Alpine ash forests, similarly, are unlikely to persist after two high severity fires under 15-20 years – the age regenerating stems begin to produce seed. The former Alpine ash forest… is now likely to be a future acacia shrubland.” Devastating for the local environment and the forest as a carbon store. Out wearing face mask attracting some notice. A very small political statement? Next warm day Friday.

7.1.20 Still in the smoke apparently like most of SE Oz. EGCAN coffee morning at the Stables. Discuss the complexities of immediate issues surrounding the bushfires and staying on the message of connecting the climate change dots. Very tired and will take a break soon. Our holiday at Lake Bunga abandoned.