Community Power Hub Launches in Gippsland!

From the GCCN Newsletter*

Gippsland Climate Change Committee and its partners the Energy Innovation Cooperative (EIC) and the Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Group (MSEG), this week launched the Gippsland Community Power Hub (GCPH), to help community organisations in Gippsland action their sustainable energy ideas. The Hub will provide support to community organisations in Gippsland through three hublets (Eastern, Central and Southern) that address critical issues such as poor energy literature, access to technical advice and funding sources, and partnerships and links with renewable energy providers in Gippsland.

People across Gippsland want to shift to renewable energy to reduce the long-term cost of energy, improve the reliability of energy supply, and forge a path to a more sustainable Gippsland. Yet over three quarters of Gippsland’s population say they know little about renewable energy options. A study by Sustainability Victoria found that 91 per cent of people in the Latrobe Valley support renewable energy, however, of this same group just 4 per cent said they knew how to shift to sustainable energy source. This demonstrates the need to empower communities to make the sustainable choices they already want to make.

The Hub’s work focusses on three key areas: 1. Technical advice – support to understand the technical and legal requirements for community energy projects including behind the meter agreements and power purchase agreements. 2. Financial support – assistance with project budgets and funding sources. 3. Connecting communities – providing links and partnerships between communities of shared sustainable interest and building support for renewable energy service providers in Gippsland.

Gippsland Community Power Hub’s Coordinator, Darren McCubbin, said the program’s mission aims to empower local communities with the knowledge and the education to adapt to renewable energy sources, with action that can be scaled Gippsland-wide. “Literally, our future depends on us living with less impact on our planet and its precious resources.”

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