EGCAN Call to Vote Climate

East Gippsland Climate Action Network Pre-Election Special 2022

Newsletter printed and distributed on Gunnai-Kurnai Country

This year will be one of the most important we have experienced. Why? We have a chance to elect Federal representatives who will push for a liveable future for Australians and support the world to achieve the safest possible global heating ceiling. If we do not get politicians prepared to take the urgent action required our future could be dire.

Government plans to delay action.

Our Federal Government went to the recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow with a plan that if applied across the globe would result in more than 3ºC of heating. Scientists have clearly stated that we need to aim at keeping heating below 1.5ºC if we are to enjoy a lifestyle similar to now.

When this election is called we all need to look at the politicians standing. Key questions will be:

• What they are offering to control Climate Change

• Will it be enough to keep our future generations safe.

You can look at a sitting Members of Parliament’s record on voting here. You can compare Darren Chester’s voting record with the policies proposed by other candidates standing in the Gippsland electorate.

A good climate policy will include quick, effective actions: Cut all fossil fuel use as fast as possible. Unproven technologies take time to be invented, tested, developed and built. Scientists are clear that we have a small window to get really serious changes happening.

More renewables – fast! Renewables are proven, reliable and amazingly cheap to build and even more so to operate. South Australia recently powered the state with renewables for more than a week.

Once greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere, the warming they cause is ‘baked in’ for the foreseeable future.

Electrify! Electric vehicles and fully electric homes can make a big impact on reducing domestic emissions.

Look after the workers: Transitioning of coal, gas & oil employees into vibrant new industries.

Make your vote count: Vote for climate. Think carefully and research well before you vote. Ask questions and be involved in making a change. Write to our local parliamentarian Darren Chester and tell him how important global heating is for you. Encourage other candidates to be ambitious on their climate strategy.