Voices for Monash makes Candidate Call

Media Release 7.1.22

Voices for Monash (V4M) makes an urgent Call to Action as election looms.

V4M is calling for all residents of the Monash electorate who believe there is an urgent need for stronger, community-driven representation in Federal Parliament, to get on board and join the movement. Residents are invited to play a key part in selecting an independent candidate, who will be supported by V4M members, to stand in the upcoming Federal election.

V4M was formed in May 2021 by a core group of locals dissatisfied with the current representation in the electorate. Foundation member, Farhat Firdous said, “I felt driven to take action last year after witnessing the apparent breakdown in responsible, ethical government in Canberra, and the lack of a representative voice in our community when MPs owe their allegiance to a major political party. I felt we needed a fresh approach to critical issues that affect our community, including climate change, accountability and transparency among our leadership.”

V4M was inspired by the success of other community independents groups, such as our neighbors in Indi, and Zali Steggall’s success in Warringah, ‘Voices’ cross-benchers are committed to working in the interests of their communities and to bringing critical issues and accountability to Parliament. “In Monash, we want what Indi and Warringah have – committed, community-driven representation in Canberra,” Farhat Firdous said. “They achieved success on the back of successful grass-roots campaigns in the local communities of Indi. We aim to do this too.”

Farhat went on to say that although the group had seen a strong growth in supporters over the course of last year, more community engagement from across all parts of the Monash electorate would strengthen the process of electing a suitable candidate to represent residents at the ballot box. She encourages anyone interested to get in touch.

Nominations for prospective candidates are also still welcome but will close on Friday 21 January. V4M members will then be invited to attend a deliberative forum to hear from each prospective candidate before voting to select their preferred representative.

Further information about joining V4M, its values and the criteria for potential candidates can be found at the website and the Facebook page.

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