Climate and the anti-vax Member for Monash

The long serving Member for Monash is in the news with his anti-vax views and covid misinformation. The ABC noted that Russell Broadbent “has refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19” and “has used parliament to promote a drug not approved for treating the virus”. It appears the member for Monash prefers the medical advice of a ratbag politician from the USA or, more locally, the Member for Manilla.

Lakes health worker Mark Kilpatrick wrote about this in a blog called ‘climate change and vaccinations’. He noted: “Anti-vaxxers deny the science of immunology based on pseudo-science they read on the internet and their own prejudices, not on any understanding of how the immune system works or of medical science in general”. And similarly: “with climate change, the people who choose not to believe the science are doing so because it does not fit their world view… For the last 60 years or so, that consensus has been that the world is warming due to increased C02 from the burning of fossil fuels…Yet still, people refuse to believe the science. Denialists, like anti-vaxxers do not understand the science or the scientific method that underpins these discoveries.” It is of note that Mark wrote this before we had any notice of the coronavirus.

Obviously disgusted with the MPs stance, Gippsland doctor Rob Fair noted on twitter: “It’s profoundly disappointing – and unacceptable – to see Gippsland federal politicians promoting harmful medical misinformation. Be sure to vote this coming election!” Former Baw Baw Shire Council mayor and author of Get Elected Ruth McGowan tweeted about the “concerning statement from my local MP. Curious how he can physically sit in Parliament a[t] t[he] m[oment]? Let alone ethically when the vast majority of his electorate is doing the right thing to protect each other and vulnerable citizens.”

As with his anti-science approach to medicine, Russell Broadbent has never spoken out about climate change. If he has, it is of little importance as he remains within a party that has done nothing on climate except greenwashing, absurdly promoted gas, and harbours a number of climate change deniers. The good news is that there is a climate independent and voices candidate, Deb Leonard, standing in Monash. You may not think climate change a top priority, but for most of us, our personal health and well-being is. It is time to follow our local doctor’s advice.