Voices for Monash

The Voices for Monash (V4M) website has an interesting series of documents on its web pages and is well worth a visit. The home page outlines four aims for V4M. One of these has already been achieved – “support a community-nominated, independent candidate that puts the needs of the Monash residents first” – with the nomination of Deb Leonard. Hopefully another – conducting “election campaigns in creative and innovative ways that reflect community values” – will be achieved in the next few months. The other aims are about “open discussion” “participation” and the expression of democratic values.

These values are outlined clearly on both the ‘principles’ and ‘join’ pages where V4M stands for “democratic processes”, “diversity and inclusivity” and “recognition and reconciliation”. In particular, V4M “will be guided by evidence” and action “on the Climate Emergency” is prominent. “We need [the principles state] “urgent climate action at all levels of government to make a fair and just transition for our communities to a carbon neutral economy”.

​The pledge that members sign on joining goes as follows: “As a member of Voices for Monash, I pledge that I will demonstrate the values and behaviours Voices for Monash promotes and models in democratic processes”. A list of values including ‘respect’, ‘courage’, and ‘inclusivity’ is followed by a list of behaviours. For example ‘I will act with honesty and decency’ and ‘I will engage in positive action’. The V4M pledge is adapted from that of pioneer ‘voices’ group Voices for Indi and is a useful tool for both candidates and supporters.

As is commonly known, V4M has selected Deb Leonard as their candidate. Deb “is a small business owner and lawyer from Phillip Island, with lifelong ties to the Island community. She is looking forward to meeting Monash residents across the electorate, to introduce herself and listen to their issues and concerns”.

Deb has been on the campaign trail for a week or more. Hopefully the volunteer(s) managing this website will keep it up to date with their candidate’s activities. I note a recent positive article in the South Gippsland Sentinel Times has yet to be posted.

Are you in the Monash electorate, concerned about climate inaction and not a member of a mainstream party? If so please take the pledge, join V4M and urge everyone you know to vote climate.