EV Charging in East Gippsland

The winter edition of Environment Connect has the latest on the roll-out of fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). It noted that “Electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in public carparks across East Gippsland. Council has secured federal and state government funding to install seven fast chargers with the rollout to be completed by June 2023. The aim is to support the uptake of electric vehicles and encourage tourism across our region”. Also importantly it noted that all “electric vehicle charging stations installed by Council will source 100 per cent renewable electricity as part of VECO.”

Stage one has fast chargers being installed in Bairnsdale, Omeo, Orbost and Cann River and Stage two adds Lakes Entrance, Buchan and Mallacoota. The seven chargers will be installed progressively over the next year. Further the Shire is negotiating with private providers to set up further fast chargers Bruthen, Paynesville, Lakes Entrance, and Cann River.

The fast chargers will be 50kW direct current and charge a vehicle within an hour. They will be located in pairs in public car parks. Each charger will have dual plugs – CCS2 and CHAdeMO – that will fit most EVs. “Council has secured federal and state government funding to install seven fast chargers.”

No mention is made in the article of how customers will be charged or whether they will be free as they are in many locations. Using charging from commercial chargers via paypal is still a miniscule amount compared with the current price of petrol. For those not familiar with EVs (most of us?) it should also be noted that they can be trickle charged anywhere there is a 15 amp plug – every caravan park in Australia.