Darren Doesn’t Care Part 2 by Tony Peck

It is actually impossible to plan to ensure a decent future for a community when your government and all its policies were spent denying there is a problem. They spent their time vehemently arguing that we should burn fossil fuels indefinitely. Chester has avoided planning for a decent future by his ‘I’m not as concerned as you’ attitude. To his credit Chester did have a moment where he bravely stood up to extremists in his own party and advocated the acceptance of the dangerously inadequate net zero by 2050 target eventually reluctantly accepted by his government. There are few places in Australia with a better infrastructure for a renewable future with a comprehensive distribution system already in place. However Chester’s government delayed until it belatedly updated legislation to allow offshore wind farms in Australian waters.

His government has long actively thwarted plans for wind, solar and other renewable energy solutions. His government made Australia an International pariah as they acted to delay uptake of renewables. The uncertain future for our regions workers is directly tied to this delay and uncertainty, and to Chester’s own government’s dedication to a fossil fuel future despite the harm this will cause to generations to come. Indeed we are seeing serious impacts already, with intense, widespread fires, frequent intense storms, rain events, floods. Scientists have long predicted these outcomes but Chester’s government has gone against recommended actions at every step.

Chester should acknowledge that as well as the employment of people in the Valley the future of our nation is at risk. We are the 13th largest economy in the world. We also have amongst the highest per capita emissions in the developed world. Our governments have committed us to ongoing mining of fossil fuels and indeed exploration which will feed even more emissions in future. Scientists are predicting that impacts of global heating on Australia will be severe.

This man wasted time when he could make a difference and has left every person not only in Gippsland, but the nation, in a worse place. To now express concern for employees disadvantaged by his government’s inaction is pathetic. There is no justification in delaying the transition to renewables. Those adversely affected by the change must be supported and given a real future as part of addressing the climate emergency. 

*there are a number of critical blogs of Darren’s position on climate. See here and here. The author is a member of EGCAN