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Republished from Environment Connect Spring 23

New Environmental Sustainability Strategy

We’ve stepped up our protection for East Gippsland’s biodiversity, ecology and ecosystems, by adopting a new environmental protection strategy that charts a course for the next decade.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-2032 recognises that East Gippslanders love their mountains, beaches and wilderness, and redoubles efforts to conserve and protect the shire’s environment.

The strategy, adopted by Council on Tuesday 28 June, demonstrates how we can act, inform, educate and lead to conserve our natural assets and address climate change. Our natural environment contributes to our residents’ health and wellbeing, forms part of our cultural identity, and underpins our tourism offerings and much of our economic activity.

The strategy aligns with the Community Vision 2040, developed with community, and sets out what we want to achieve in that time. It recognises that a long-term view is needed to achieve strategic outcomes.

The strategy has the following seven goals:

1. Conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity

2. Sustainable management of natural resources

3. Community participation in the climate response

4. Respect and alignment with the rights of Traditional Owner groups

5. Environmental sustainability supporting sustainable economic growth and new job opportunities

6. Growth in the circular economy

7. Community resilience to respond to increasing climate risks and natural disasters

The feedback indicated climate change was recognised by locals as the greatest threat to the shire’s natural environment and future sustainability. Community interest in the development of the strategy was strong, with 472 website visits; 184 downloads of the draft strategy; 55 survey responses and detailed written submissions from individuals and community groups representing 150 members.