‘Get off Gas’ East Gippy Campaign

Old stove used prior to 2012 now have induction cooktop

Media release EGCAN *

Members of East Gippsland Climate Action Group (EGCAN) have been busy writing letters to councillors and the Shire calling for action to help us Get off Gas. Tony from Bairnsdale wrote that he would like to see the council ‘take action to discourage the use of gas as a domestic fuel in our region.’ and that “There is now strong evidence of the major impact domestic gas is having on people’s health… It is estimated that 12% of childhood asthma is attributable to the use of gas cooking stoves.’

In another letter, Robyn from Clifton Creek said that a number of organisations including the Climate Council ‘…advise (us) to decarbonise at speed and this means moving away from gas as a fuel source. As a leader in our community in reducing emissions, it is time for the East Gippsland Shire Council to step up further in education and leading by example – electrify everything, accelerate the transition to clean energy, invest heavily in renewables and storage, and prioritise energy efficiency in new homes and social housing.’

Angela from Bairnsdale summed up a common congratulatory note for the shire on what it was already doing as she wrote that she acknowledged ‘the already powerful and effective measures taken by the council in recent years. East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) is finding useful ways of doing our bit in this actual and existential emergency. Congratulations.’

However, Nola from Metung pointed out that some information on Shire web pages is out of date and that ‘Developers can also be strongly encouraged to not supply gas to any new developments or projects. Ultimately money can be saved by both the developer and the homeowner as an all-electric house with solar panels is substantially cheaper to run.” Judy from Clifton Creek added that ‘Programs that support the approach to “electrify everything” are the way forward for our communities.’

Grace from Johnsonville calls for the council to look at a range of options to encourage people to get off gas, including carrots such as rate relief and education as to the benefits of going efficient affordable all-electric households.

EGCAN website here https://egcan.wordpress.com/