Latrobe Valley Plan 2013. A plan for converting from harmful fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy in ten years

Gippsland Coast 2100.(4th.ed.)pdf Some business as usual and worst case scenarios for the Gippsland coast

Melbourne Land Boom History

Brief notes on some fraudulent aspects of the secret compositions of William Lawrence Baillieu and friends 1892

The Duke United GMCo Maryborough: Baillieu’s 1897 take-over and outcomes

Moguls and the Media (rev.ed) the Baillieu Fink Group and the Herald

How W.L.Baillieu Recovered from his Secret Composition (rev.ed.)

Notes on Peter Yule’s William Lawrence Baillieu 

Aboriginal History

Notes on Massacres and other essays 2024

Notes on Bungeleen and the Stud Road Cemetery

Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu and the McMillan Photograph

Notes on Massacres 2022

RL Bell and Warrigal Creek

Warrigal Creek Massacre – a reply to Wayne Caldow

Notes on Massacres 2020 the Wellington Shire McMillan cairns debate

Prelude to the Warrigal Creek Massacre 

In Pursuit of Bungeleen (2017) seeking a burial place in the Stud Road Native Police Cemetery

Recent Notes on Massacres 2017 (rev.ed)

Our Founding Murdering Father Revisited 2016

Firearms and Frontier Gippsland

Notes on a McMillan Review (rev.ed) Cal Flyn’s Thicker than Water

Howitt’s Line of blood (3rd. ed.) in Gippsland

Notes on Tribal Boundaries with particular reference to the Bratauolung – Bunurong boundary in South Gippsland

Notes on Massacres (rev.ed) 

Last Battle of the Clans Howitt’s intra-tribal affrays of 1855

Frontier Violence, Political Correctness and Memorials brief comments on Henry Reynolds and Bill Bryson

Some Old Book Reviews

The Burial Place of Bungeleen early rough draft of version in Through Foreign Eyes. Sketch maps published for first time.

Aboriginal Routes and Guides of the Victorian Alps

Notes on Gippsland Aboriginal Place Names 

George Dunderdale and the Kurnai 

Myth of Tribal Warfare 

Hollands Landing Massacre(rev.ed)pdf An account of a possible massacre of the Kurnai at this location using one of the Clonmel cannon.

Warrigal Ck Revisited.(rev.ed.)pdf

A Grampians Massacre

A Tambo Crossing Massacre GHJ No 19

Who were the Kurnai in the McMillan photo?

Other History

Richard Hocking 1835-1918 miner, farmer, teacher in Daylesford district

Some Nineteenth Century Lead Mines of Cornwall

The Cornish Diaspora 1857-1900: Newlyn East to Daylesford

The Egerton Mine Scandal: the Egerton Ring (3rd ed) and their subsequent careers.

A Convict in the Family

An Artist in the Family George Williams 1910-1953

John Wilson Mystery Stratford & Gippsland historian

Samuel Grose 1793-1866 Cornish Engineer

EC Moore 1833-1876 (3rd ed)  of Ballarat

David Ham MLC 1830-1908  of Ballarat