Election 2013 News April No. 1

  1. What is the newsletter for? To promote climate change as a major election issue, to offer solar and renewable energy alternatives as a partial solution to the problem and to spread the word of my candidature.
  2. Who it is being sent to? To people in the electorate, those with connections to people in Gippsland, sympathetic groups and the local media.
  3. Who am I? I have lived in Gippsland for 40 years and been politically active for most of that time. In the 1983 election I stood as a candidate for the Nuclear Disarmament Party on the threat of a nuclear winter. Since then I have written extensively on Gippsland regional history and other matters including climate change. I stood as a ‘climate emergency’ independent in the 2008 and 2012 local government elections and in 2010 in the state seat of Morwell.
  4. Why bother? Climate change is happening now and is getting progressively worse. Many of the current indicators are worse than previous predictions. (IPCC 2007) Climate scientists are now warning that developing and consuming a fraction of the earth’s fossil fuel reserves will make large parts of the planet uninhabitable.
  5. Broad details of my campaign can be accessed on my Global Warming Politics page and more detail will be released progressively through the year. A short essay the ‘Gippsland Coast in 2100’ can also be accessed as a pdf file from the ‘publications’ page of my website.
  6. The slogan is Vote Climate Vote Solar Vote Gardner for Gippsland
  7. Help is needed to construct a 15 second TV advert and/or a brief promotional video to load onto the website
  8. Help is also needed to build this mailing list. Please forward to friends and rellies, or distribute to your group members. All publicity welcome.
  9. Please pass the word on to facebook friends and/or twitter followers. Any suggestions on how to harness the social media welcome.
  10. I am willing to speak to any group large or small in the Gippsland electorate.
  11. The newsletter will be issued monthly until the official campaign starts in August and then press releases will be issued on a weekly basis.