Letter to D.Chester MHR Gippsland 15 April

Dear Darren

Thank you for your letter detailing your (party’s) proposed ‘blue print’ on C(oal)S(eam)G(as). Although it was heart warming to realise that CSG has become an election issue for you, I am confused by the following statements at the House of Representatives debate (23/3/13):

Darren Chester, ‘CSG has the potential to secure Australia’s energy self sufficiency’

Darren Chester, ‘to turn (our) back on CSG would be fool hardy’

Where does the National Party stand on this issue (it’s all a bit confusing) and are you going to permit Mr Ryan to give Gippsland to Esso so that they can continue to sink Lakes Entrance and 90 Mile beach below Sea Level?



Please let me know if your office requires more scientific evidence on the issue.

Morgan Knoesen