Vote Climate Vote Solar Campaign On Again

Press Release No.1         1.9.14

Peter Gardner who campaigned recently as a “climate emergency” Independent in last year’s Federal election has announced he will be standing in Gippsland East. Gardner stated:

I have lived and worked in the Ensay and Swifts Creek districts for 40 years and am now resident in Bairnsdale. I have been concerned for some time that the threat of climate change is real and may be far worse than either the media or the politicians tell us.” In particular Gardner refers to the extreme weather events closely related to climate change – more severe droughts, floods, heatwaves and related bushfires.

“Consequently I have been standing for office on a ‘Vote Climate Vote Solar’ ticket at all levels of government. I have devoted my time and funds to this process since 2008.  I will be standing again in Gippsland East in November and have a range of policies to provide employment, improved emergency services and public transport and in particular the rapid changeover to renewable sustainable energy sources.”

Gardner is firmly opposed to any further coal or CSG projects in Gippsland on climate grounds alone but noted that “There are a large number of related problems with these proposed developments including loss of viable farm land, a valuable water resource, polluting the air, water tables and the Gippsland lakes and subsidence along the Gippsland coast.

He is promoting community energy projects, upgraded and better maintained rail and connecting services, and a massive expansion of emergency services in rural communities including permanent full time fire officers with an apprentice fire officer in each CFA station. This will help cope with the increasing number of extreme weather emergencies we are facing. All these projects will generate local employment.

These proposals and many other rural developments can be financed by abandoning the East West road tunnel in Melbourne and working on cheaper solutions to Melbourne’s transport problems.

If elected he has committed himself to voting with the Liberal Coalition in Government or the Nationals in opposition on all matters not concerned with climate change except in matters of conscience where he would not vote at all. In the event of a tied parliament he would support a Liberal National government.