Press Release No.12 (23.11.14)

“Goodies versus Baddies: Solar and Coal”

Gippsland East Independent candidate Peter Gardner attacked the Prime Minister’s simplistic “goodies and baddies” slogan. He said: “I can accept the PM’s slogan but (politely speaking) he has it the wrong way about. Coal is definitely the “baddie”. It is the new asbestos. Each time we turn on our air conditioners we make ourselves a little more comfortable and our children’s future worse. We must leave the coal (and coal seam gas) in the ground.”

“We must transform the Latrobe Valley from a coal and electricity generating area to a more sustainable economy. There will be far more jobs rehabilitating the mines and the electricity generators than there ever were running then. The valley must switch to the new industries, solar, wind, heat pumps, and possibly the geothermal energy under the coal seams. You will note that I say “must” because we will have no choice in the matter. The sooner we get down to business the easier and better it will be.”

The “goodies” are the renewable energy sources. They are sustainable, clean, more reliable, and cheaper. For the most part the energy source is free. The renewable energy industry will employ far more than the “baddies” ever did. This work will be decentralised. Many of the jobs will be in East Gippsland and much of that will be youth employed as apprentices and other workers. Bring on the “goodies”. Bring on the ‘solar revolution’. One must ask how a Rhodes scholar could get it so wrong!

Gardner urges voters to select candidates that support the “solar revolution” at every election and at every level of government. He urges those who are committed to a political party to consider casting their primary vote for a solar candidate before giving their preference to the party they favour. “That way we will send a message to Spring Street that solar and renewables are what the people want.”