Bill & Wilma Reid’s NoCSG Sign 5.6.15

CSG Sign

Wilma at the sign

by Deb Carruthers (Gasfield Free Bairnsdale)

On the south side of the Princes Highway near Bomfords Road on the eastern entrance to Bairnsdale you will see a very large sign that was made by Mr Bill Reid, a local sheep farmer in the area.  Bill wanted to make his concerns known about unconventional gas mining by making a large metal sign with the words “CSGas Kills Farms”. Bill said he made the sign because, “I am concerned that unconventional gas mining (CSG) will kill farms and I want to bring this issue to the attention of the community.”

 “Having worked in gas plants I know firsthand about the range of constant loud noises that go 24 hours/day; this will upset the grazing and wellbeing of livestock.” Bill said, “I am worried that gas companies will take all the fresh water and we will be left with contaminated water, full of potentially toxic chemicals, it will be impossible to farm; no one will want to live in a gasfield.” Bill has also made another sign a bit further down the highway towards Bairnsdale. This is a smaller metal sign that says “No CSG”.