Gippsland Novelist’s Climate Change Newsletter (29.6.15)

Novelist David Arnault of Mirboo North has been producing a weekly Climate Change Newsletter for more than a year. The newsletter examines and comments on various aspects of global warming.

The current issue entitled “lancet thrust” is about the Lancet Journal 2015 report, ‘Health and Climate Change’. Arnault added that: “the esteemed medical journal announced that ‘tackling climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century.’”

“The keynote speaker, Dr Peter Doherty, pointed out that the enormity of climate change has largely been underestimated.” He added that money was not a problem, the market for coal uncertain and that “One of the most pressing issues will be starvation, the result of storms, drought, fires and social injustice. A second will be flight, that is the flight of the poor and hungry in search of food security.”

Doherty, a Nobel laureate, said “this is a medical emergency and we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and we need to do it immediately and dramatically.” For the full report go to 

David will conclude his comments on this subject in next week’s newsletter. To subscribe contact David at