Letter from Dr Jo McCubbin of Sale (17.8)

The Government’s early morning announcement of its 2030 target of 26% reduction in emissions, is way less than Obama’s plans for a 32 % reduction and Europe’s 40%. They suggest that this is in line with other similar countries – much as they are immune to facts with baseless mantras about coal curing poverty etc. etc.

Victoria’s brown coal fired power stations are the Nation’s worst carbon emitters and also major emitters of mercury, as well as dangerous fine particles. Obama achieved significant progress, by mandating expensive scrubbers to reduce mercury, which led to the closure of some plants … and CUT CARBON EMISSIONS! Daniel Andrews could do worse than to follow suit!

The Federal Government’s underwhelming response for Paris, stinks of a win to the “Tea Party” element within Coalition ranks and their fossil fuelled lobbyists who tell them what to think. If we stopped burning fossil fuels, not only would we get healthier lungs and live longer, we could stop the emitted mercury from falling on our schools, our farms and the catchment of the Gippsland Lakes!