Submission to the Technology Investment Roadmap Part 2

EGCAN and Bairnsdale XR demonstration in Sale early this year

Excerpt from EGCAN Submission

To respond effectively and with the urgency that is required to make a difference, our governments need to spend with the confidence and conviction that has been shown in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be a substantial cost but the advantages of appropriate and effective action will far outweigh the enormous cost of inaction. All the evidence shows clear savings to early action on global warming. If we can limit carbon output in partnership with renewable industries we can weather the climate change storm that is coming.

We can reap the benefits of living in more comfortable homes, powered by cheap renewable energy. Our economy has the capacity to be a world leader and indeed an exporter of renewable energy in the form of green hydrogen, steel, concrete and other products. We will have a vibrant sustainable economy that other nations will aspire to. 

The economic disruption caused by Covid 19 has shown us how quickly circumstances can change – we have an opportunity now to embrace green technologies, opt for clean energy and clean industry (green steel, aluminium and hydrogen) in stimulating our economy​. ​ There will be jobs and more resilience by building back stronger and cleaner. 

Efforts to continue embedding energy saving measures into every aspect of our domestic, industrial, agricultural, economic and transport activities are certainly to be prioritised. Chief Scientist Alan Finkel recently stated “There is no lack of appreciation from myself or my colleagues on the taskforce … that a gigawatt of power not needed because you’ve done an efficiency measure is the best form of energy generation that you could possibly ever hope to have.” (Guardian 06 /20)

EGCAN noted this discussion paper became part of a national conversation when released in May 2020. We anticipate that along with development of the Technology Investment Roadmap there is ongoing publicity and awareness raising across Australia of the enormous potential of renewable energy technologies, celebrating their ability to create new jobs and move us towards zero emissions.