Council Elections – VOTE CLIMATE!

An old ACF poster

From the Bass Coast Climate Action Network Newsletter August 2020

When the climate emergency was declared by Bass Coast Council last year, two Councillors abstained. They are both in Bunurong Ward. It would be a great win for the climate if they were replaced at the October council elections. Well… two members of the Bass Coast CAN core group, Leticia Laing and Michael Nugent, will be candidates in Bunurong Ward.

Here is what you can do to support them:

1. Like, follow and share their Facebook pages even if you are not in Bass Coast, and make comments, ask questions, etc. on posts

2. They will need help letterboxing in a few weeks’ time. This is an allowable activity outside Melbourne under current COVID rules. Please let them know if you might be willing to spend a few hours helping out:

.  0415 801 821

.  0416 039 933

3. Do you know anyone with a holiday home or hobby farm, or who runs a business in Bass Coast but doesn’t live here? They are entitled to vote both where they live and in Bass Coast. But only if they enrol in both places. They don’t need to be here at the time of the election, and won’t risk a fine since voting is not compulsory for non-residents, even when they are registered. Non-residents make up a massive 42% of all possible votes in Bass Coast! So, if you know any non-resident rate-payers, please urge them to enrol before next Friday, August 28, and to vote for the climate.

Further info at: or call 1300 226 278.

Forms are at: (click REGISTER TO VOTE).

4. Spread the word: tell friends, neighbours, relations, acquaintances … People you pass in the street… That a vote for Michael Nugent and Leticia Laing is a VOTE FOR THE CLIMATE at these council elections.

Authorised by: P N Mckenzie 166 Reed Cres. Wonthaggi 3995