Our MPs can help reduce Global Warming

(image Tony Peck)

Media Release EGCAN

East Gippsland climate action campaigners are appealing to local MPs Darren Chester and Russell Broadbent to help reduce global warming. Angela Crunden of the East Gippsland Climate Action Network acknowledged the well-respected elected local representatives are bound by Coalition climate policy. But they say they believe in climate change and could work within the Coalition to help bring about climate policy change.

“It would be a titanic struggle,” she said. “Both of these politicians are popular in their electorates and are capable of providing the leadership required to get action. Look at Darren’s efforts on fire recovery and Russell’s recent comments on aged care. We know that as party members, they are under pressure to support Coalition policy to accept expansion of coal and greenhouse gas emitters. These are strategies that will raise global average temperatures 4C by 2100.”

“We the public can do our bit through actions such as recycling, Landcare participation, making our homes more energy efficient and using solar panels. But we can’t do it on our own. We need the MPs we elected to represent us to help change Canberra’s mind. We must have a federal plan to reach Net Zero emissions with support for acting urgently across the nation.”

“Covid 19 will seem like a walk in the park if we don’t act soon and decisively on climate. Bushfires here and in the USA, plummeting insect populations and powerful, destructive weather events are clear, terrifying warnings. We can’t afford these nightmares to continue”.

Gippsland Climate activists will gather on 3 October to send a message to the local MPs to join in helping to change Australia’s climate policy.

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