South Gippslanders for a Just Transition

Media Release South Gippsland Just Transition*

The actions needed to address climate change and its impacts are well known. A move towards a low-emissions economy and society is unavoidable. That a democratic society like our own is struggling to make the right decisions and implement proper policies is cause for serious concern. Waiting for governments to decide on policies to address the problems we face is proving exhausting and stressful. There is another way.

We can begin to act ourselves. We can choose to bring together the diverse perspectives and experience of South Gippslanders to plan a response that best suits our region. Southern Gippslanders are invited to an online assembly from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday November 21 for an initial discussion about planning South Gippsland’s future together**.

Spokesperson for the group, Madelaine Moore, said climate change impacts households, communities, industries and regions. “In 20 years from now, the economy will look very different than it does today. We’ll see new technologies, industries, jobs and ways of working and learning, new ways of growing our food, powering our lives and transporting ourselves and the things we love”.

“What if, instead of leaving the changes to come for others to determine, we band together as a region and in our various communities to develop a transition to a low-carbon economy ourselves? We have the opportunity to set the agenda and begin framing our own future,” Ms Moore said.

The group says South Gippslanders are already working together for the changes they know that are needed. In October, more than 2,000 people petitioned South Gippsland Shire Council to immediately declare a climate emergency and take the lead within the South Gippsland community in implementing urgent action on climate change. In the same month, people gathered in more than 40 communities to show Federal representatives Darren Chester and Russell Broadbent that they want urgent action to address the escalating risks of bushfires, coastal erosion, and drought.

“This is our chance to bring together local people from all walks of life and begin developing a roadmap for a just transition to a future that provides a strong economy, jobs, and a safe environment for generations to come,” Ms Moore said.

Ms Moore said the group is planning a series of workshops and discussions, so if those interested can’t make the first meeting, there will be further opportunities and other ways people can show enthusiasm for the project. Just Transition for South Gippsland represents South Gippslanders looking to develop community interest in working on the principles and strategies needed for a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

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** See here