Doing Nothing Risks Everything

Media Release from Bairnsdale XR (17.12)

The 12th of December 2020 was the five year anniversary of the UN Paris Agreement on Climate. We are still not doing enough to keep the world safe for future generations.

Extinction Rebellion members and their distinctive flags with hourglass symbol fluttering in the breeze, gathered on and around the Yarra River in Melbourne last Saturday to advocate urgent action on global warming. The focus of the protests was to gain attention by performing creative colourful acts.

The Red Rebels, with stark white faces and slow deliberate ethereal movements appeared and disappeared as if by magic watching over the various efforts of the protestors. Cyclists pedalled the streets, Greta Thunberg’s words were highlighted by a troupe of whirling figures, and rebels aboard watercraft all showed their commitment to urgent climate action.

Some brave souls ‘locked on’ by gluing themselves to each other and connecting pipes, resulting in arrests. Others spent their time talking to passers by and helping them understand the importance of actions now.

Seven Gippsland Extinction Rebellion members joined the kayak flotilla to deliver the message that global warming must be stopped and our government must take bolder more effective action.

The kayaks made a colorful addition to the river, on a perfect cloudless day. Amongst other boaters celebrating the relative freedoms of post lockdown Melbourne, the flotilla spelled out a clear message on climate change.

Spokesperson Tony Peck explained, “We know that we need to get moving on global warming. Scientists have said for decades that we have limited time to act. The cost of going too slowly will be devastating and massive if we do nothing. The fires that we had in East Gippsland last summer are a horrible warning that we are close to being too late.’

Mass mobilisation is just one of the ways that the climate message is coming across loud and clear. Until big reductions in our carbon emissions are underway, citizens from around the globe will continue their actions.