My Nungurner 2013 Speech Part 3

Crowd on Nungurner Jetty (image Heather Oke)


The good thing about this is that we have multiple targets to apply our actions. For a start there are the people around us – family and friends some of whom must have voted for the current government – with whom we can discuss the government’s actions and its consequences. Then we can direct our actions to the following: 1. politicians – let them know our concerns and do not give up when they say thank you for your words. 2. the power providers. If everyone saves power then their business is reduced.  Use more efficient lights and appliances. If you can afford it go solar. The solar revolution has surprised the providers and the politicians but it is a continuing battle. 3. the mining companies. Join the Lock the Gate movement – stop the mining companies coming on your land 4. the banks. Your bank and mine (and possibly your super fund) are financing the fossil fuel developments. Let them know of your disapproval. Change banks if possible. 5. the media. It is time for us all to give those apologies for newspapers – the Herald Sun and the Australian – the boot. If you must read them use the local library.

What sort of actions can we involve ourselves in? As individuals – we can discuss, persuade, write, keep ourselves informed, operate in the social media, attend meetings and demonstrations such as this, help form and join groups. Jointly we can join groups such as Landcare and the CFA and whilst these are admirable groups – I am a member of both – they don’t rock the boat. They are part of the status quo. Lock the Gate groups on the other hand directly challenge the mining companies. (As an aside CSG – methane is a far more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2). The Lock the Gate meeting in Metung [that] recently was attended by over 120 people [which is] as large as [any of] the rallies and meetings… than any I have previously seen here… There are also climate groups such as the climate action network none of which has been formed in Gippsland. Then there are the more political groups like Get Up and little known political parties like Save the Planet and the Global Warming Action Party…**

For me every day is a climate action day. Each day I spend at least an hour or two online doing emails, reading climate articles, using the social media and writing… If anyone would like further detail on anything I have said I am happy to provide it. Please note that I am willing to speak to any group whatever the size on this mammoth problem. With regards our actions I will leave you with a quote from Gandhi who said “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”. Thank you.

*Get Up Climate Action Day 17.11.2013. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

**Much of this is dated. The Global Warming Action Party is defunct and Save the Planet is registered with the AEC as the Climate Emergency Action Alliance – Vote Planet. The Lock the Gate fight has been won and there are now half a dozen active climate groups across Gippsland.