Gippsland Climate Change Network Message by Carolyn Crossley

From the GCCN newsletter*

The Gippsland Community Power Hub along with six other Community Power Hubs, funded by Sustainability Victoria, was announced in July by the Honourable Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Since then, GCCN with our program partners Energy Innovation Cooperative and the Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Group have worked together to establish the Governance Group which has been meeting regularly and now we have engaged a highly skilled and enthusiastic team to take the project forward. We have completed four of our implementation ready projects already. Watch this space!

We have other projects that are progressing well. So far, we have engaged with over 100 business across Gippsland introducing them to the sustainability Victoria Small Business Energy Saver Program. The Biomass project is moving into the next phase including biomass crop trials and further investigations into Pyrolysis options in the Netherlands through Nettenergy systems and here in Australia.

The Energise Gippsland Solar Program and the New Energy Jobs Fund (NEJF) Energise Gippsland: Renewable Fund continues to make the introduction of solar systems affordable for individuals and community groups. Darren McCubbin our CEO is working towards strengthening our connection with the Greenhouse Alliance and the Gippsland Councils with the aim to meet regularly to work together on targeted advocacy, capacity building activities and regional partnership projects.

Big news on Renewable energy in Gippsland.  Congratulations to the successful grant recipients in the first round of funding from the Latrobe Valley Energy and Growth Program includes Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation for the 4.9 MW solar farm and solar installs on the Heyfield and Districts Museum, Coongulla Community Hall, Heyfield Golf Club and Heyfield Tennis Club.

The realisation of the Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone! The Osmio Australia Delburn Wind Farm proposed 200MW, and the Octopus Australia, and the Clean Energy Finance proposal for the 80 MW solar farm with up to 80 MWHr battery storage at Fulham are at the Planning application stage. The Perry Bridge Solar Farm has already received planning approval for the 44 MW solar farm. 

The Federal Governments Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill 2021 will establish a framework for the construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore electricity projects. This is an exciting step toward establishing a new offshore wind industry, led by Star of the South and Gippsland! These projects offer an exciting new way for the Gippsland community to transition to a new clean energy economy. Exciting times!

*GCCN website is here. The author is Chair of this organisation.