Some Xmas Climate Action Suggestions

Made in Bairnsdale

There are many easy things you can do to support climate action. Here are four that come to mind you can do during the festive season (except the last). First, wear a badge or t-shirt. I have a number of favourites with messages like ‘I want climate action’ and ‘I support climate action’. These badges, made in Bairnsdale on thin slivers of polished and lacquered waste wood, are attractive, and eye catching. They can be purchased at the Foundry in Bairnsdale but if they are not to your liking, there must be lots of others out there being pushed by your local climate group. Alternatively wear one of the climate action t-shirts that are floating about. I have a number of badges and t-shirts as small gifts and I try to wear one every day.   

Second, put up a poster. I have a corflute designed by Nola Kelly of Metung in the front window of our unit. I have noticed a number of these in town in front yards and on front fences. Further, afield the posters of climate independents in some of the coalition held electorates in Melbourne are going up everywhere – in particular the bayside suburbs of Melbourne Ports and South Yarra and Kooyong.

Third, usually over Xmas there is the opportunity to discuss climate change with your family and such discussions will probably arise naturally especially if you are wearing a badge. We assume, of course that you have done your homework, are well informed, and can answer all the standard questions and objections. We are probably well past the standard ‘Do you believe in climate change?’ question. As with most family discussions the main subject can often be diverted or head off at a tangent so it is wise to be aware of this and to persevere. If your family has a closet ‘denier’ at the very least you should try to sow some ‘doubt”.

Finally, in the near future everyone will have the opportunity to vote climate. With the federal election looming early next year the campaigning has already begun – as with the climate independents above. The state elections are in November. The option to vote climate in Gippsland is limited. There is a ‘Voices’ group in Monash but it is not clear whether they will nominate a candidate. In Gippsland it may mean a green or independent vote (make sure any of the latter candidates you might vote for is strong on climate) before Labor and the coalition. As a final gesture, I believe that you can write on your ballot paper and it will still be a valid vote. If you write the message ‘climate action’ on your ballot, make sure the paper is clearly marked with a number in every square. It won’t change the result in Gippsland but it may make you feel a bit better.