A letter to our Federal Member for Gippsland by Tom Moore

On behalf of concerned members of the Metung Science Forum 5th August 2023

Dear Darren,

Thank you for your letter dated June 2023 in which you provided an update of your actions on behalf of Gippslanders over the past three challenging years. We can see that you have been very busy looking after Gippslanders’ interests over that time and we congratulate you on the good work that you have done. It is clear to us that you do have our interests at heart.

However, we note that there is one glaring anomaly in your report. Whereas you briefly acknowledge efforts for bushfire recovery and “practical environmental initiatives”, you make absolutely no mention anywhere in your letter of any climate change issues that we are increasingly facing, especially in East Gippsland. Virtually all of the matters that you refer to in your letter as being important to Gippslanders, will become increasingly more problematical as our climate changes.

It would be really good to see you acknowledge this reality and show support for the actions of organisations (eg. East Gippsland Shire Council, Farmers for Climate Change and Gippsland Climate Action Network to name but a few) who are committed to reducing emissions and attempting to put in place arrangements to mitigate the damage that we are otherwise certain to face in a changing climate. It would also be good to hear from you on actions being taken to decarbonise and develop alternative power sources (eg. wind, solar and e-cars etc) and the employment opportunities these initiatives could help bring to the region.

You say that “At a national level we are living through a period of global uncertainty and security challenges which require bipartisanship and a mature public debate”. Bipartisanship on the issue of Climate Change would surely represent a major step forward for Gippslanders in particular, and more generally for all Australians.

Yours Sincerely Tom Moore

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