Letter published Gippsland Times 28.5.13

Dear Sir,

I wish to write in support of the protests against coal seam gas, tight gas and other fossil fuel projects in the Seaspray district particularly and in Gippsland generally.

Scientific consensus now clearly states that current climate change is man made. It is being driven by carbon dioxide(CO2) in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels. The strength of this greenhouse gas has been known for more than 100 years and it was calculated in 1895 that a doubling of CO2 would increase the average earth temperature by 4 degrees Celsius.

Evidence from many sources including James Larsen (late NASA) and Bill McKibbin (350.org) is stating that only a fraction of current fossil fuels reserves can be burnt without disastrous effects for the planet. Professor Steven Sherwood of the  UNSW recently stated in the  New Scientist (17.11.12) “… if we fully ‘develop’ all of the world’s coal, tar sands, shales and other fossil fuels we run a high risk of ending up in a few generations with a largely unliveable planet”

Banks and financial institutions (including your superannuation fund?)are valuing these companies – including Lakes Oil – as if these assets can be mined and used. But in reality they are part of a “carbon bubble” and will eventually become “stranded assets”.

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution CO2 levels have increased by more than a third and the global average temperature has risen by a degree. This relatively small rise is already causing more extreme events, droughts, floods, heatwaves and related bushfires to occur more frequently. More is in the pipeline with humanity producing more CO2 – there is now more CO2 in the atmosphere than there has been for 3 million years.

These projects must be stopped.

Peter Gardner