Press Release 27.6.13

Federal Election in the Seat of Gippsland 

‘Climate Emergency Independent’ Candidate Peter Gardner

 Vote Climate Vote Solar Vote Gardner for Gippsland

As a climate emergency independent I am running a ‘Vote Climate Vote Solar’ campaign in response to the threats posed by climate change. Adopting a wide range of alternative energy sources will help reduce our carbon footprint. The Latrobe Valley Plan 2013  offers a rapid and seamless way to convert from harmful fossil fuels to renewables such as solar, wind and producing power from green waste. Wind projects can provide income for both landholders and the community as well as permanent jobs. The process of converting to renewables and adapting to climate change will provide employment for everyone who wants to work.

Indications are that global warming is happening more quickly than mainstream scientific projections and at the worst case upper limits of their predictions. The best science is now linking polar warming directly with more frequent extreme weather events. It is these extreme weather events – droughts, heat waves, storms, floods – and related events like bushfires, that pose the most immediate threat to Gippslanders.

During the 2003, 2006/7 and 2009 bushfires much of Gippsland was threatened and burned. We worked as communities to protect ourselves and our assets. Imagine if either of the earlier major events had been accompanied by the prolonged extreme heat and winds of 2009 and widespread power failures. It is human nature to hope for the best but wise to prepare for the worst. Urgent action is required at all levels of government to both mitigate global warming and adapt to it.

If you are at all concerned about climate change and/or wish to see the promotion of solar energy I urge you to give me your first preference. Vote one solar is a small step in this direction. On a personal note I have lived and worked in the Ensay and Swifts Creek districts for 40 years and been involved in various sporting, educational and cultural activities. I now live in Bairnsdale.