My Divestment Comedy (16/7)

The recent divestment day in Bairnsdale was well attended – despite news reports – with a maximum of 18 individuals. This compares quite favourably with the 8 we mustered in Sale more than a year ago. I attended that rally – organised by Gippsland 2020 – mainly in a support role as I had already either closed down or changed all my accounts with the NAB to the Bendigo Bank. 

However I did have in my wallet my one and only credit card which I had not done any preparation to change. And of the 8 hardy souls in Sale that day none had an account to divest other than yours truly. Rather than the day being a complete washout I volunteered my piece of plastic. After a brief discussion and presentation of letters to the manager of the Commonwealth we crossed to the NAB where I duly cancelled my card.

Outside the day was saved by Gippsland 2020 founder Morgan Knoesen taking a video clip of me acting the fool cutting up my card and spouting on about my lifelong association with the NAB (and the CBC of Sydney). All true as I had opened my first account with the new CBC of Sydney branch in Ashburton – sometime about 1960. The clip made it to the market forces video of the day and somehow made it all worthwhile.

Now I bank solely with Bank MECU and the Bendigo. And I still have no credit card.