The Gippsland Climate Change Network (18.7)

Formed in 2007, the Gippsland Climate Change Network Inc. (GCCN) is an incorporated not-for-profit network of approximately 50 diverse member organisations across government departments and agencies, private businesses, community groups and other organisations, covering the six local government areas across the greater Gippsland region.

The GCCN mission is: “To provide Gippsland, at an individual and organizational level, information, consultation and facilitation to enable action on climate change, whilst also providing a voice for Gippsland on Climate Change issues” and the three pillars of action are through Informing – Connecting – Acting.

Chairperson Beth Ripper recently noted that: “The GCCN board has met with Sustainability Victoria and the other Green House Alliances across the state.  The GCCN is unique in the state.  Although financially supported by some of the Gippsland councils GCCN has risen out of a community desire for action on climate change.  GCCN membership is therefore open to Government and Non-Government organisations, community groups as well as individuals.”

“The GCCN board is keen to ensure that the new State Government is well briefed on what climate change action (both mitigation and adaption) is happening across Gippsland. It is also important that the State Government hears from Gippsland about future aspirations for the region and support for Gippsland communities into the future.”

The Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) looks forward to working with the new State Government through its commitment to Climate Change Action. If you know of anyone or any organization that would benefit from being on the mailing list please contact Beth Ripper on Email to be added to the email list for future GCCN ENewsletters.