Delburn Wind Farm Part 1 by Wendy Farmer

The Latrobe Valley has long hosted Victoria’s ageing coal plants, but could it soon be home to its’ very first wind farm? Power generation based on coal is in decline and the only real question is when will the existing power stations cease operation? The Latrobe Valley, however, continues to be the centre of transmission and distribution infrastructure and thus a significant place where newer forms of power generation should be located.

The development of the Delburn Wind Farm is one of a suite of renewable energy projects in the Latrobe Valley that will complement the rooftop solar arrays found on individual dwellings, businesses and public buildings along with proposed solar farms across the region. As the Latrobe Valley’s first wind project, the Delburn wind farm is of state significance. If it goes ahead, it will overlook the retired Hazelwood coal burning power plant and mine and power 135,000 homes with clean renewable energy.

Help secure the Latrobe Valley’s first wind farm – make a submission today. The Delburn wind farm has a number of advantages for the Latrobe Valley. It will build on the tradition of energy production in the Valley.

The Valley has been the centre of the power industry for decades and has suffered severe economic and social consequences as the industry has restructured and declined over the last three decades. The establishment of a wind farm would be a way of preserving and transforming skills of the current workforce. The siting of renewable energy facilities in the Latrobe Valley makes good use of existing transmission and distribution infrastructure which was built to distribute power from centralised generation. Wind energy is part of maintaining energy security as coal-fired power stations are inevitably wound down and closed and has a role to play in the transition of the Latrobe Valley energy sector.

We encourage everyone to Make a submission today here or direct to supporting this important project.

Submissions close Wednesday 18th August 2021. If you write a submission or discuss feel free to contact