The Delburn Wind Farm Part 2 by Wendy Farmer

The Delburn site has several advantages. It is located close to high voltage transmission lines, which will facilitate connection to the electricity grid and minimise connection costs. This contrasts with the connection problems found by other wind farm developments in the west and northwest of the state where connections are congested. The site for the Terminal station is close to high voltage transmission lines; there have been other renewable energy and community energy projects proposed in Gippsland that have not gone ahead because of the prohibitive cost of connecting to the grid.

The wind farm is planned for pine plantation in the Strzelecki Ranges south of Morwell, making use of an existing industrial site, which helps to minimise any ecological impacts of the project. As building the project will require upgrades to access tracks within the plantation, it’s anticipated it will improve fire management on site. It would not take productive farming land out of use as coal mines have.

The company behind the project OSMI has made a commitment for local business procurement and employment opportunities. There is a generous community benefit scheme proposed with this project with $1 Million per annum going back into the local economy.

People in the Latrobe Valley have lived with a legacy of health issues from burning coal. In contrast, wind farms have a clean bill of health. While anti-wind campaigners often like to claim that wind energy causes a range of different health issues, successive reviews have found there is no scientific evidence of health impacts from wind power.

Often when new projects happen in an area it will bring with it other future possibilities and opportunities for the area. 

With the Yallourn coal fired power station set to close by 2028, the Delburn wind farm is an exciting opportunity for the Latrobe Valley to export clean renewable energy. A chance to do energy differently.

We encourage everyone to Make a submission today (this is the last day) here supporting this important project.