Our Library and Climate Books

The East Gippsland Shire Council library is a good resource for books on climate change. I have blogged on recent library acquisitions on a number of occasions (see here and here). As I have been working on global warming and renewable energy for many years and am familiar with most of the issues, doing reviews can become a bit tedious and the writing is often delayed. One solution has been to have guest bloggers write reviews (see here and here).

Occasionally the number of pertinent titles can be overwhelming, as is currently the case, as I have three climate books on loan. Two are new acquisitions – Devi Lockwood’s 1001 Voices on Climate Change: everyday stories of flood, fire, drought and displacement from around the world (Tiller Press 2021) and Chris Funk’s Drought, Flood, Fire: how climate change contributes to catastrophes (Cambridge University Press 2021). The third Dave Ritter’s The Coal Truth: the fight to stop Adani, defeat the big polluters, and reclaim our democracy (UWA Publ. 2018) I have previously missed as it has been in our library for some time. 

The full titles are self-explanatory and each has praise from well-known commentators and authorities, consecutively Bill McKibben, Michael Mann, and our own Peter Doherty. The Ritter book is specifically Australian and has highly qualified contributing authors in the second part, including Steffen and Hughes from the Climate Council. Lockwood has chapters on Australia and New Zealand and Funk, whose work is about the attribution of extreme weather events to climate change, has a couple of references to our Bureau of Meteorology.

Having praised our library’s resources on climate change readers are warned that the occasional copy of a climate denier’s work sneaks onto the catalogue. The prime example of this is Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Earth which has been refuted by former CSIRO Scientist and mathematician Ian Enting.

With an unofficial and probably long election campaign already in full swing, proper reviews of these books will have to wait.