Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer (REDT) (24.9)


The REDT has been a familiar sight at Gippsland festivals, field days, expos and schools over the past few years. Co-ordinator Ian Southall has noted:

“The REDT is integrated with up-to-date technology to allow combinations of stand- alone off-grid and energy storage options to drive a computer modelling system, and programs and teachings on sustainability and energy efficiencies displayed on the interactive screens installed in the trailer. We can also “Boil the Billy” from solar PV, “Fan yourself” with power from the wind turbine, or “Light your Life” with LEDs on the REDT. It can store enough energy in the deep cell batteries “ON BOARD” – enough to power a house over night or even operate an event site during the day.”

“The REDT has been engaged in some 75 events – over half of them in schools – in the last 3 years, with over 20,000 people, over 5000 of them students, exposed to the messages the REDT delivers.”

In 2014, Federation Training relinquished its role in the REDT and Ian Southall, who has been the coordinator since 2012, purchased it.  Ian has continued to teach its renewable energy applications in schools and public events as a sole operator with some support from local government, Resource Smart Schools, businesses in the industry and the Gippsland Climate Change Network. We hope to be able to put Ian and the REDT appearances on our calendar, updated on a regular basis on the Events page. For further information Contact Ian at